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02.04.2015 21:09, Tesha from Thedinghausen E-mail Homepage :
Great looking internet site. Think you did a bunch of your very own html coding.

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25.09.2010 02:12, Kimberly Gray from Oregon State E-mail :
If I had 3 wishes...........? this would be # 2.
I'll rest easier tonight knowing I m not the only person on the planet who thinks and feels like yourself about this " If Only "

Thank you :)

08.09.2010 16:13, Shirley_inla E-mail :
Let's see what I can learn ...

02.02.2010 18:15, Becky Ford E-mail :
Very interesting info, to Read Here.
Learning i Realize, is The Greatest Gift on Earth.
Every day i Enjoy Gifts to Learn Something New.
Best Regards,
~ Becky

Page: 1
Entries: 4
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